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Window Cleaning

Windows and seals 

No one appreciates having a dirty home, and even the cleanest house can be brought down by grimy and smudged windows. But who wants to spend their weekends and days climbing up and down ladders and dusting off fly screens.

Cleaning windows up to 8 meters with no need for ladders, pure water technology and  our water fed pole window cleaner system.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of those necessary home maintenance tasks that no one really enjoys doing or is willing to take the risk. Why not hire the professionals to manage this problem for you.

Working at heights certified.

Flyscreen cleaning and

mesh replacing

We can pressure wash and brush your flyscreens and replace the mesh. 

No more holes in your flyscreens.

Cobweb removal

Cobwebs are unsightly, attract dust, and while many spiders are typically harmless you don't want them invading your space. Nirvana can assist you with cobweb removal of up to 9 meters.

Outdoor pressure washing

Your home's exterior is the most vulnerable to different elements such as sun, rain, and temperature changes. All of these conditions can take a toll on your home and leave it looking lifeless or uncared for. We can clean your walls, window frames, driveway etc.

Solar panels cleaning

With the rising costs of power it is essential that solar panels are regularly cleaned to ensure that they are producing the highest power output as possible. The rain does not clean your panels! In fact, rain can carry microscopic amounts of minerals, which can build up over time to leave the surface looking dirty and clouded. Then, there’s the debris that can fall on the panels, even when they’re not in the direct line of a tree.

We use our Pure Water Technology along with Water Fed Poles to clean your Solar Panels. This means that no detergents or other cleaning agents are used that may damage your panels.

Window Cleaning

What our Clients say

Govinda was a pleasure to deal with. We had a badly overgrown garden that required extensive weeding and maintenance. Govinda was prompt, efficient, and left our property looking amazing.

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