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                         Our Story

Meet Govinda Mas (Govi), the heart and soul behind Nirvana House and Garden. A Margaret River local since 2006, Govi fell in love with this picturesque region back in 2003 during his first visit to Western Australia.

For over a decade, Govi immersed himself in the community, working as a dedicated gardener and window cleaner. His passion for surfing and the South West lifestyle drove him to pursue a career that allowed him to thrive in this beautiful corner of the world.

After a stint in the mines, Govi's dream of Nirvana House and Garden took shape. Drawing from his extensive knowledge, years of experience, and deep love for Margaret River, he founded this business with one mission in mind: to make your life easier and your home more beautiful.

Nirvana House and Garden is here to transform your house into a sanctuary. Whether you're looking to sell, rent, or simply enjoy your space to the fullest, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your little piece of "Nirvana."

Let us take care of your garden and house so you can focus on what truly matters. Experience the difference with Nirvana House and Garden – where your peace of mind meets the beauty of Margaret River.

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