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      Gardening Services


Hedge Trimming Services

Shrubs, bushes and other hedging plants are ideal for maintaining the privacy of your home and adding to the look of your landscape, but when they’re not regularly maintained, overgrown and unkempt hedges will have a negative impact on the appearance and value of your home.

No matter what type of hedge you have in your yard or garden, (up to 3m high) Nirvana Gardens will take care of your every need.

A well-maintained hedge is an asset to your property; an out-of-control hedge can be a nuisance or even start to become a hazard! If your hedge is blocking pathways, visibility or threatening to scratch your car – it’s time to call Nirvana!

Garden clean ups

If your garden looks more like a jungle than a well-kept landscape for you and your family to enjoy – it’s time to call in the professionals!

We offer full garden clean-up services to bring your garden back to a healthy, beautiful space you can be proud of. We can provide a clean-up service along with ongoing maintenance so it never gets out of control again.

Garden Mulching

At Nirvana House and Garden we understand the need for quality garden mulch to keep your garden healthy, tidy and weed-free. We also offer regular re-mulching to keep garden beds always looking their best.

If your garden needs mulching, we can help you select the right type for your plants and space, and carefully and professionally apply it to your garden beds.

Weeding Services

To any proud home-owner, weeds can seem like a never-ending problem – and a battle that they just can’t win! Weed removal is important not just for the looks, but also for the health of your garden. Along with making it look unloved and untidy, weeds can steal nutrients and sunlight from the plants that you actually want to thrive.

Lawn Mowing and hedging

A lawn that isn't mowed regularly is often less healthy than a manicured lawn. A lawn full of weak grass is more susceptible to disease, pests and weeds. Mowing your lawn encourages lateral growth. It's this lateral growth that helps your lawn become thicker. Nirvana can assist with your mowing, edging, weeding and fertilising.

What Our Clients Say

Lawn Strip

We are so impressed with the work Govo from Nirvana House and Garden did for us. From the gardening, to home maintenance, window cleaning and much more. We could not have done it without his help. We highly recommend this business.

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